Tuesday, March 1, 2011


For my New Year's resolution this year I set a goal to blog less and eat desserts more and so far
. . . I have been wildly successful!!!
I was planning on giving a current photo update of the girls, but our cord to download pictures from the camera to computer is missing. I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the girls found it and has hidden it in some secret location. Sierra's favorite hiding spot is the heater vent in the dining room; daily I have to check it for spoons and other items small enough to fit through the slits.
Family photo at Christmas in Idaho

We took them to McDonald's for their birthday. They loved the chicken nuggets and fries.

Well the girls are 15 months old now. I can't believe it! For their birthday we had a waffle and scrambled eggs party. Here they are eating their birthday cake. I made pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. It was interesting to see their personalities come into play with how to eat cake. Sierra grabbed the whole piece and immediately started to demolish it, after it was beyond recognition she then decided to eat. Ashley on the other hand gingerly swiped frosting off with one finger. I had to break it into chunks and then she ate it.

Opening presents

Ashley in her cute pj's. She is walking/running now and it is so fun to see her toddle everywhere. She is now also a world class dancer.

The girls have the best hearing around, if they hear the click of the dishwasher being opened they rush into the kitchen and start helping. It is great how quickly the dishes get done now!

Sierra and her beautiful smile! She is such a smarty pants, she is always learning something new and has taken to sign language. She took her first steps the other night; we will miss her walking around upright on her knees; it is the cutest thing.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pink Leopards! Is there anything more cute?

This year for Halloween I decided to reuse costumes from years past. This might not seem like a tragedy to some of you, but to me that is the fun of Halloween, spending weeks making your costumes. I was going to make us into the fruit of the loom gang, but realized that I was so stressed out trying to figure out the costumes that it was taking away all the fun. So Jeremy was Zorro, I was his Spanish senorita and the girls were pink leopards.

Sierra loved her outfit. She was so good and sat very still while I put on her nose using liquid eyeliner. Jeremy thought their noses were so cute he wanted me to paint them on for church, but it just didn't go with their church dresses.

Before we went to the church Halloween party/trunk or treat, the girls were crying and we had a tough time taking pictures. The only way they would pose was if they were allowed to hold Zorro's sword.
Ashley playing' in the toy bin. She can now stand up on her own, but as soon as she realizes it she drops to the ground.

Sierra's hair is now long enough in the back for pigtails. I just had to snap a shot of her first time wearing pigtails.

I love how her hair on top is still short so she has this lovely mullet going on.

Our little elves getting ready for bed after church. It is so fun to wear your tights on your head.

This is where Sierra hangs out. She can climb onto the couch using the ottoman. She loves the freedom the couch gives her. She looks like she is queen of the world.

Ashley has started to bop her head to the music. We were listening to the radio and she started to dance. It is great when she does this at church dancing to the hymns.

Halloween Party

We love dressing up for Halloween so this year we decided to throw a party ourselves. We held it in our spacious 2 car garage due to the smallness of our quaint house. We had a blast complete with Halloween games.
This is a great action shot of Sean getting sprayed with silly string for taking a wrong step in the maze.
Four contestants volunteered to dig plastic spiders out of whip cream covered jello.
The winning team for the mummy wrap.
We spent hours trying to get the garage up to snuff. I thought we did a pretty good job.

The girls even decided to join the party as it was winding down at around 10:00. They were pretty good and went to sleep at 7:00 which was when the party started so we didn't mind them wanting to attend later on.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Roesberry

In honor of my mom's birthday I am posting some photos of my beautiful babies. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful lady in our lives. We miss you tons. I tried to put some videos on the blog, but there was an error.
We are all doing well. We have some great news . . . Jeremy got a job!!! This will be the first time that I have been alone during the days with the girls. I feel like a young child learning to ride a bike and my training wheels are about to be taken off and I really liked the training wheels and would have enjoyed riding with them longer. I do know that the training wheels hold you back and now I get to see what I am made of.
I love Ashley's cheeks and her toothy grin.

Have you ever had one of those days?

Who needs a dog when your babies clean up the floor after meals.

Sierra is constantly getting high centered on the table. Someday soon she will be able to crawl over the support beam.

Sierra loves piggy back rides.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Crazy Life

Yes we are still alive. We have been so busy and sometimes blogging seems like a huge mountain that I can't tackle or rather going through the hundreds of photos seems too much at the moment. Well not much has changed in our lives, Jeremy is still looking for work and the girls are still a handful and getting into everything. They have now mastered the art of crawling and pulling themselves up to things. It is a hard phase to go through with all of the falls.

In the last 2 months of the summer we seemed to have spent more time in the car traveling then at home. We went to Montana twice and then to Idaho, Eastern Washington and the coast. The girls did really good. The worst trip was coming home from the wedding in Montana. The girls both had bad colds and I got the stomach flu so we had an enjoyable trip home where we all, except Jeremy, slept most of the way home.

Jeremy's brother got married in Montana and this is us at the reception. I am sporting my new hair color which is pretty close to my natural color. Everyone says I look exactly like Marissa now.

I always love their fresh from the bath look. Jeremy thought Ashley would look good with a Mohawk.

I had to show Ashley's curly hair. I just put a little lotion in her hair and fluff it and it curls. This is her new look for church.

The girls are feeding themselves so good. Sierra ate her food for awhile without noticing the cheerio stuck to the end of her nose. I can't see why they like cheerios so much.

I love these jean dresses.

Another picture of them in their Sunday dresses. These dresses are getting scandalously high, but they are so cute I had to put them in them for one last time.

The girls love to help fold laundry. They pull the clothes out of the basket and I quickly try to fold them before they are all on the floor. Jeremy gave Ashley a special hat to help out with. It is the bloomers for one of her dresses.

This is us in Idaho. This was their first time wearing their bathing suits. They are pretty picky about the water they will swim in, it needs to be about bath temperature. Luckily there is a heated pool fed by hot springs in Garden Valley. In the picture is my mom and Aubrey, my nanny. She came to Idaho with me to help out with the girls. She was wonderful. We had such a blast seeing the shows. I now have a new favorite show, it is the musical "The Scarlet Pimpernel". The music is so beautiful. We stayed an extra day just to see it for the second time.

The girls are so fun to watch. They are always sitting on each other, crawling over each other and stealing each others toys. Sierra has started sticking her finger in Ashley's mouth for her to suck on. Ashley will come over while I am changing Sierra's diaper on the couch and watch and suck Sierra's finger. It is hilarious.

When I get the clean clothes from the dryer one of the girls is usually helping me, so I put them in the basket and load up the clothes. Then they get to ride in the laundry express.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Everyday Life

Feeding Time
The girls are almost 7 months and it is amazing how it does get easier. Usually I don't have to feed them at the same time, one will usually be patient, but that day they both needed to eat right then or else. I did have a good technique of feeding them on the couch, but they were too close to each other and spent the whole time trying to grab each others' bottles and/or face.
It is so fun to watch them play, whenever they are close to each other they always want the same toy and trade it back and forth. It is nice that it doesn't upset them to lose the toy. They get really excited now when they see each other after waking up from a nap. I hope they will be great friends.

Who needs to crawl when you can roll! Well thanks to Uncle Mike, Ashley learned to roll over from her back to her stomach. I didn't realize this would be life changing until we got back from Idaho and within a few minutes Ashley was trying to shove herself under the couch. She had rolled 6 feet from her play area.

Sierra for some reason will not roll over from her back to her stomach. She loves to spend most of her time rockin' in the crawl position. She does scoot backwards and she loves to jump. Maybe Uncle Mike will come and teach her.

Ashley really liked her first bite of squash. She has now moved on to carrots and is an avid eater.
Sierra was not quite sure about this new substance being placed in her mouth. She now loves it and she loves to spray you with the food in her mouth.

Ashley and Sierra chillin' in Sierra's crib.

80's Party
We actually do get to go on some dates still thanks to great friends willing to babysit. My friend had an 80's themed b-day bash. It was so fun to dress up. I know you can't tell from the photo, but Jeremy had on this cuff earring and he looked so hot in his costume. I loved curling and ratting his hair. The party was awesome, we danced the night away or at least until 10 when everyone had to go home to relieve their babysitters. My favorite part was serenading the husbands, who were hanging out on the deck while their wives danced, to "Let's hear if for the boys."

Mother's Day
For Mother's Day Ashley and Sierra helped Jeremy make me this beautiful picture frame. On either side of the WE is their footprints in pink paint.

Bath time
This is Ashley fresh from the bath. I love her rolls.

Sierra is just starting to figure out the bath time is playtime and she is starting to kick and splash, with Jeremy's encouragement.


My dad came for the weekend and had a wonderful time playing with the girls. It was fun to see how excited he is to be a grandpa. He kept wanting to wake the girls up so he could play with them.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

5 months old

Well we have survived 5 months of being parents of two very busy twin girls. I am finally feeling like I am a mom instead of like I am playing house. The girls are getting so big. Ashley has 2 teeth and is very mobile, she loves to roll over and scoot around on her tummy. Sierra has one tooth and is very vocal, she just started noticing our faces and grabs them and will try to bite and attack your face when she is tired and wants to go to bed. They have both learned to put themselves to sleep and it is a lifesaver. The only way I have survived thus far is because I hired a nanny. Her name is Aubrey and she was one of my young woman home for the semester from BYU-I. She was the best, we had so much fun together. She just went back a few weeks ago and then I flew to Idaho with the girls to see my mom. I was so worried about the flight due to Ashley's inability to fall asleep anywhere but her crib and all of my fears were in vain. They were angels and charmed all of the people on the flight. It must have been because of the thousands of prayers that my mom and sisters gave in my behalf during the flight. Now I am flying solo sort of - Jeremy was laid off on the day that I flew to Idaho. It was a huge shock to us and his co-workers, but we are hoping that there is a better job out there for him. So he is home during the day, but we try to act like he isn't here so he can look for a job. The girls seem to be more patient with me and I am learning to cherish the times when they are both asleep and I can shower or getting something else done. Before it didn't matter because Aubrey could always hold whoever was awake while I focused on the household chores and my physical needs. Well enough rambling here are some cute photos of the girls.
One day it was nice outside so I dressed them in their sun gear. (Ashley left, Sierra right)

Our family in our Sunday best.

Ashley and Sierra eating rice cereal for the first time just a few weeks ago. I have been putting this off because it just was feeling like one more thing I have to do everyday. They are still trying to master swallowing. Sierra will eat spoonful after spoonful and you feel awesome and then she spits it all out in a huge blob. Ashley just spits it out after every bite so it gets more and more runny as you go.

Marissa, my twin, surprised my mom and I and flew to SLC where Mike and Kaila picked her up on the way to Idaho. It was great to see Roman for the first time and be home in beautiful Idaho.

Ashley, Roman and Sierra chillin' on the chair. It is nice that they have a cousin their age. I love how Roman looks like he wants someone to rescue him from the girls. He is exactly one month younger than the girls.

Here are the girls holding hands. Sierra will grab Ashley's hand and Ashley will try to get away. Lately Ashley has been taking toys from Sierra and Jeremy will tell Ashley not to take the toy Sierra was playing with like she knows what she is doing. It is pretty fun to see them interact more and more. (Ashley left, Sierra right)