Tuesday, March 1, 2011


For my New Year's resolution this year I set a goal to blog less and eat desserts more and so far
. . . I have been wildly successful!!!
I was planning on giving a current photo update of the girls, but our cord to download pictures from the camera to computer is missing. I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the girls found it and has hidden it in some secret location. Sierra's favorite hiding spot is the heater vent in the dining room; daily I have to check it for spoons and other items small enough to fit through the slits.
Family photo at Christmas in Idaho

We took them to McDonald's for their birthday. They loved the chicken nuggets and fries.

Well the girls are 15 months old now. I can't believe it! For their birthday we had a waffle and scrambled eggs party. Here they are eating their birthday cake. I made pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. It was interesting to see their personalities come into play with how to eat cake. Sierra grabbed the whole piece and immediately started to demolish it, after it was beyond recognition she then decided to eat. Ashley on the other hand gingerly swiped frosting off with one finger. I had to break it into chunks and then she ate it.

Opening presents

Ashley in her cute pj's. She is walking/running now and it is so fun to see her toddle everywhere. She is now also a world class dancer.

The girls have the best hearing around, if they hear the click of the dishwasher being opened they rush into the kitchen and start helping. It is great how quickly the dishes get done now!

Sierra and her beautiful smile! She is such a smarty pants, she is always learning something new and has taken to sign language. She took her first steps the other night; we will miss her walking around upright on her knees; it is the cutest thing.


Marissa and Jim said...

Bravo sister! Thanks for the update. Those two look like trouble. Do you have sympathy for mom and what she went through with us? Keep up the good work. Love you!

kaila sue said...

I love your posts. So witty! The girls are getting so big! Would you just tell them to stop growing up?!